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Nanowrimo 2017

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Nanowrimo 2017 is upon us!

Yes, it’s a little bit on insanity to do it this year – given the attendant stress and everything else that I have going on – but, nonetheless, sometimes an idea comes into your imagination and you must follow that idea to the ends of the earth (or, at least, the ends of the month).

The gory details will be elided for the relief of the poor reader, but it’s going to be a romantic comedy, which is decidedly not my forte; I mean, I can do the comedy parts okay, with a bit of poking and tuning, but the romance part seems decidedly tricker.

The second problem is that the main protagonist is a woman (probably named Ana or Anna or Elsa), so writing it from a woman’s point of view will be an additional challenge – but maybe this will be good, it will force me to look at things from the other side.

For the third problem I’m going to give her a background in something that I know little about – say, artist / painting – so this moment I’m frantically watching Youtube videos of the painting process so that I can provide some verisimilitude, at least.

Romantic comedies are ripe with overused tropes, so I’m trying to consciously do something that is a little different, a little fresh… but if I know Nanowrimo, these lofty goals will fall by the wayside quickly in a mad rush to try and get the words out.

If you’d like to read snippets and/or give comments (and, really, are you crazy!?), just post a message or send an email.


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