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Setting Up Tiddlywiki Behind Nginx

 |  tiddlywiki coding

I’ve been looking at integrating Tiddlywiki into my daily routine. The latest incarnation of Tiddlywiki can be run in server mode on top of node. (What, you’ve never tried Tiddlywiki? It’s worth trying just to marvel in its existence – it’s like Emacs and a wiki decided to get together and have a Javascript baby). Anyway, server mode ends up being ideal: since the individual tiddlers are stored in separate text files, it is much easier to track in git and search with Emacs.


The Pan Galactic Guide to Connectivity

 |  connectivity coding

Connectivity while traveling is a pain. I’m trying to put all the various tricks and tips for connectivity in one place so I can easily reference them while on the road. These instructions are for Linux, because what I’m usually bringing on trips is a little Chromebook with Ubuntu or GalliumOS.


Ad-hoc Wireless on Chromebooks / Dell CB 13

 |  chromeos reviews

Doing Nanowrimo again, and had given away my Toshiba CB 2 to someone who could use it more than me, so instead picked up a refurbished Dell CB 13 (i3, 4GB, 32GB SSD) on sale from the Dell depot. What an amazing machine. A beautiful 1920x1080 screen, keyboard that is backlit and has nice tactile feedback, a trackpad that is silky smooth and feels as good as the Mac trackpads, and overall the machine performs really well (Octane about 20k).