Brool brool (n.) : a low roar; a deep murmur or humming

Macbook Pro Touchbar Ergonomics

 |  review

I have to rant. I got one of the Macbook Pro 15” 2016s that were on sale recently at B&H Photo; it was hard to pass up $700 off the standard price for the MBP and my 2013 was a little long in the tooth (plus, I could set it up as a build server!) So, the machine is fast, the new SSDs are much faster, the screen is nice, the keyboard is… acceptable (only acceptable – I hear the 2017s are better), all that, but the touchbar is an unmitigated disaster.


Rule-Based Interactive Fiction Revisited / IFCOMP 2017

 |  coding if

Follow up, kind of, to this article. I’ve decided to compete in IFCOMP 2017. I’ve had an idea for a cool scenario kicking around in the back of my head in forever – nothing more than a vague idea flitting around in the closets of my mind, but still interesting – and I decided to finally just bite the bullet and try and get the entry in this year.


Setting Up Tiddlywiki Behind Nginx

 |  tiddlywiki coding

I’ve been looking at integrating Tiddlywiki into my daily routine. The latest incarnation of Tiddlywiki can be run in server mode on top of node. (What, you’ve never tried Tiddlywiki? It’s worth trying just to marvel in its existence – it’s like Emacs and a wiki decided to get together and have a Javascript baby). Anyway, server mode ends up being ideal: since the individual tiddlers are stored in separate text files, it is much easier to track in git and search with Emacs.