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Debugging UWSGI and Flask

 |  coding

Quick notes on UWSGI debugging, because I keep forgetting. Debugging FLASK_DEBUG does not work for UWSGI apps. You’ll need the following code in your Flask app, courtesy StackOverflow: from werkzeug.debug import DebuggedApplication app.wsgi_app = DebuggedApplication(app.wsgi_app, True) To activate it, it’s probably easiest to pass an environment variable. For example, in your UWSGI configuration: env=APP_DEBUG=1 and then in the app: if 'APP_DEBUG' in os.environ: app.debug = True from werkzeug.


Nanowrimo 2017

 |  writing nanowrimo

Nanowrimo 2017 is upon us! Yes, it’s a little bit on insanity to do it this year – given the attendant stress and everything else that I have going on – but, nonetheless, sometimes an idea comes into your imagination and you must follow that idea to the ends of the earth (or, at least, the ends of the month). The gory details will be elided for the relief of the poor reader, but it’s going to be a romantic comedy, which is decidedly not my forte; I mean, I can do the comedy parts okay, with a bit of poking and tuning, but the romance part seems decidedly tricker.


Macbook Pro Touchbar Ergonomics

 |  review

I have to rant. I got one of the Macbook Pro 15” 2016s that were on sale recently at B&H Photo; it was hard to pass up $700 off the standard price for the MBP and my 2013 was a little long in the tooth (plus, I could set it up as a build server!) So, the machine is fast, the new SSDs are much faster, the screen is nice, the keyboard is… acceptable (only acceptable – I hear the 2017s are better), all that, but the touchbar is an unmitigated disaster.