Brool brool (n.) : a low roar; a deep murmur or humming

Cranky Parrots Singing Star Wars Tunes

 |  life

This post is a message (and a message within a message, but ignore that for now). But, the overt message is this: this is not a cuddly creature. Cats domesticated us, so they tend to be less demanding, and dogs had the fortune or foresight of evolving beside our progenitors, so they are uniquely tuned to us (and vice versa – there is even some conjecture that dogs domesticated us instead of the other way around).


Quick And Dirty Shared Custom Maps

 |  gaming coding

A bunch of my friends (about 15 people in all) have gotten together to participate in a Western Marches style campaign using the World of Dungeons system. (More thoughts on that below). Anyway, I thought that it would be really handy to have a shared map that everyone could annotate, since we are all collectively exploring the map and sharing information. After a wrong turn with the Google Maps API (hit quota limit within five minutes of playing around, oddly, and splitting the tiles was surprisingly painful) I discovered the Leaflet.


Loading A Remote Emacs Configuration

 |  coding emacs

You’re working on a coworker’s / friend’s computer, and they have only an uninitialized Emacs… none of the keys are right. Or, worse, they have set up their Emacs and customized it, but they didn’t have the good sense to copy your configuration, so everything is strange and insane, with bindings only Cthulhu could love, with a theme that looks like some horrible fruit salad that was made by someone who decided that the number of colors determined the worth of a dish.